Current Leadership for MMMTA

Mid-Michigan Music Teachers Association Leadership



Diana (Kurin) Scott

Vice President

Beth Cook

Former President

Susan Rye


Janet Kroon


Linda Harp


Mary Ann Anschutz

Committee Chairs

SAT Coordinators
Jim Homeyer & Susan Mercy

KeyboardFest 2024 
Melanie Zimmer & Penny Vanderbush

Linda Harp

National Piano Guild
Elizabeth Dianis

Periodical Subscriptions
Linda Harp

Program Committee
Beth Cook, Melinda Bateman, Wendy Chu, Susan Rye

Program Booklet Printing
 George Widiger

Publicity – (membership opportunity)


Michael Mark

Members & Leadership Info

The President is voted in based on vote. Every 2 years the Vice President will become the President based on majority vote.  The Vice President is also elected at the same time.  Other duties are also delegated using majority votes that we have at our annual meeting.

Committee chairs, web design, and other duties that are done by the members are all volunteer work!