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Mid-Michigan MTA hosts and organizes several programs throughout the year in collaboration with Michigan MTA and MTNA. Please make sure you stay tuned to our Blog and Calendar to keep yourself updated for upcoming deadline and events! Here is a list of our Current and Past events.  New events are added by our leadership as we plan new events! 


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A great event organized by Mid-Michigan MTA that is coming up on 32 years now.  Every year, our students come together and play on many pristine grand pianos.  It is quite the treat to see and hear.

SAT (Student Achievement Testing)

We encourage the students of our members to participate in the SAT every year.  Student Achievement Testing is an annual testing opportunity provided to Michigan students grades K through 12 studying with an MMTA member teacher. The program is a voluntary project of MMTA and supported by Mid-Michigan MTA.

KBF Piano Sale

All students, teachers, and public are invited to the piano sale that happens at the same time we host the KeyboardFest, on both days of the rehearsal and the performance!  Feel free to test all of the pianos that are being performed in front of the entire audience!