Hi all,

I hope you all have been doing well during these times. I have not fogotten about you at all. I have been following and enjoying the musical scene in our area as well as attending the Gilmore Piano Festival a few times (online and in person) to be able to see some of the greatest pianists of our time play. Seong-jin Cho, Yuja Wang, and Emanuel Ax are just to name a few.

Anyway, I wanted to bring you up to date regarding the recent events and upcoming ones. Although the SATs and KeyboardFest were complete for this year, they have all been posted on the website. New pictures have been place online to give it a more fresh look. Not only that but our website designer has done us a great deed by migrating to a new host and reserving the domain mmmta.org for us. The old links of midmichiganmta.org and midlandmta.org will still forward to the new website. The logo and several of the pages have been given a facelift.

As for everyone else, I hope your musical students are growing into something you have shaped them to be. COVID has given us a time to focus and concentrate at home, so I hope your students have used that to their advantage. Be safe and be well!